Memories are Fickle

I have begun writing my memoirs, and the number of discrepancies in my source materials is disconcerting. Dad was the main storyteller in my family. Especially when he got loosened up after a few snorts of whiskey, he would go on at length about his early life. At our urging, when he was in his…

Watch my interview by the Hellenic Writers’ Group

The president of the Hellenic Writers’ Group of Washington, DC, read my book, The Storyteller from Kalo Chorio. She loved the story and arranged to interview me on a Zoom call during a scheduled meeting of the Hellenic Writers’ Group. I encourage you to watch the video of this interview. You will gain a lot…

Parables turn expectations upside down

To illustrate how parables function, invent ways to turn student expectations upside down On the day we discussed the parable of the unscrupulous steward (Luke 16:1–9) in my parables class, I began by recounting a news report about wealthy people manipulating the judicial system. I told them I downloaded the following report from a news…


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