Cyprus Tour, May 20, 2023

On May 20 of the Cyprus tour, we will have an easy day (jet lag is real!). We will take a short ride (driving on the left side of the road) to the Crusader fortress at Kolossi. Then we go to the nearby, much earlier, expansive archaeological site of the Roman city of Kourion to see the many buildings and artifacts uncovered by archaeologists. Then we return to Limassol for a leisurely stroll along the harbor walk into the old city.

Kolossi Fortress built in 1454 by French crusaders.
Inside Kolossi Castle. Note the thickness of the walls.
The large Roman city of Kourion was built with a lovely view of the Mediterranean Sea. We will see the theater, opulent homes, and the many other remains of this city.
Romans loved their baths and saunas. The short brick pillars in this photo once supported the floor of a huge room. Hot air from fires on the perimeter was circulated under the floor to heat the entire area.
This mosaic in Kourion depicts a scene with two gladiators.


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