The Storyteller from Kalo Chorio

After years of work, I have finally published The Storyteller from Kalo Chorio. This book tells the life story of Dafnis Panagides, a Cypriot peace activist, environmentalist, and all-around quirky individual who lived a fascinating life. The book is an absorbing narrative about a complex man who made a profound difference in the lives of many people.


What a delightful read!

Last Summer Boys, by Bill Rivers

One of the best books I have read in years. I commend Bill Rivers for producing a wonderful novel. As my wife and I read it aloud to each other, at times we laughed out loud at the antics of the boys in the book. Narrated by 13-year-old Jack, the story brims full of levity of childhood and the angst rampant in the nation during the summer of 1968. I graduated from high school in 1968 and remember facing the draft and the very real possibility of going to fight in Viet Nam—a major theme in Last Summer Boys. I recommend this novel without hesitation, which is something I can do with very few books—especially those offered in Amazon’s First Reads.